About the Center for Local Economies

The Center for Local Economies (CLE) is a research and advocacy organization committed to the strengthening and replication of the local economy approach. Supported by a network of diverse professionals – community development specialists, economists, journalists, environmentalists — the CLE brings together the knowledge and experience to address the complex and diverse aspects of building a viable and successful local economy. Drawing from the research, the literature, and the on-going experiments in local economy taking place in many communities, the CLE synthesizes the best ideas and practices to stimulate and support a comprehensive shift in local economic thinking.

Some of the principles that guide the work of CLE are:

  1. Economic decentralization
  2. Economic democracy
  3. Social, environmental, and economic justice
  4. Increasing purchasing capacity and standard of living
  5. Cooperative forms of enterprises
  6. Local self-reliance
  7. Multi-level economic planning (from local to global)
  8. Employment with living wages for local labor